In 2006, I walked away from my corporate  job, downsized, and moved to Southern Oregon, giving me the flexibility to pursue art, as well as various volunteer activities. I started taking oil painting classes and teaching children’s art classes. I volunteered at our local shelter, walking dogs and later helping run their bunny adoption program. I also volunteered at a local animal sanctuary, conducting farm tours, photographing their animals for social media, and eventually joining their board.


Surprisingly, it took a few years, and almost quitting as a painter, to understand that I was only motivated to paint when the subject was an animal! I love reflecting their personalities and am especially inspired by the backstories of shelter & sanctuary animals.  I now use my art to help raise money for animal charities and rescue groups and am a member HeARTsSpeak, an international group of artists whose mission is to give animals a unified voice.


Currently, I live in Carlsbad, CA with my husband, our adopted animal family of four bunnies and a highly energetic Border Collie.